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Vincent Rioux
PhD student
Chalmers University of Technology
Dept of Applied Acoustics
sven hultins gata 8a
S-41296 Gothenburg
Sweden phone:  +33 (0) 31 772 22 17
fax:  +33 (0) 31 772 22 12
email:   vr@ta.chalmers.se
Audio Illustrations and Analyses
Visualizations (demo)
Matlab routines (in construction)

Project Description

I am currently working in collaboration with an organ-builder. Our research focuses on "voicing techniques" of flue organ pipes. This art deals with fine adjustments of the timbre of organ pipes. It thus involves high expertise on sound quality. Our goal is to study several technical points which are still not completely elucitated whithin the organ-building community. This work is inherently interdisciplinary. In order to study correlations between the pipe seen as a physical system, its "sound" seen as an acoustic signal and as a perceived signal, we perform signal analysis and filtering, listening tests and recordings of pipes exhibiting special features (including an experimental pipe).
More on this here.


A list of publications is available here.

PhD Thesis

My thesis entitled "Sound Quality of Flue Organ Pipes - An Interdisciplinary Study on the Art of Voicing" is available for download in PDF format (with indexation).
thesisRioux5MB.pdf (5 MB)

Curriculum Vitae

you'll find my CV here.

Various links

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Research Tools

a set of Matlab routines
- wave editor
a GUI interface to edit, segmentate, compare and play sound files.
- versatile spectrogram
make it easy to display and publish good quality spectrograms.
- harmonic cursor
help to identify and filter out periodic components on a spectrogram.
- basic filtering routines  
filter out sinusoidal components, useful for noise/sine separation(no automatic tracking).
- set of listening tests interface
make intense use of GUIs in order to perform different kind of listening tests (pair comparisons, ABX, multiple comparisons, 2D grouping/scaling)