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About the seminars

Our seminars take place during the autumn and spring semesters with presentations by our own or outside researchers, as well as by our Master students.

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Coming Seminars

Tentative calendar for the spring 2015 semester (updated version 13 May 2015)

22 October - 10:00 Licentiate seminar Alice Hoffmann. Thesis title Perception of rolling noise. The discussion leader is Prof. Dr. Jesko Verhey (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany). The seminar will take place in lecture room VK, Sven Hultins gata 6.

23 October - 09:00 Frederik Rietdijk: Development of an emission model for the auralisation of aircraft noise.

Previous seminars

Spring 2015:

Fall 2014:

Spring 2014:

Fall 2013:

Spring 2013:

Fall 2012:

Spring 2012:

  • Bart van der Aa: Artificial refraction of sound propagating outdoors by a sonic crystal noise barrier with increasing cylinder diameter over height (abstract, slides).
  • Carsten Hoever: A simulation-based parameter study of car tyre rolling losses and sound generation (abstract, slides).

Spring 2011:

  • Bart van der Aa: Ground buried resonators - Analytical and numerical modelling of their noise reducing effect for sound propagating outdoors from traffic noise sources. (Abstract, Slides)
  • Hannes Bonhoff (Technische Universität Berlin): On the source descriptor and coupling function for low-noise design of structure-borne sound sources. (Abstract, Slides)

Fall 2010:

  • Carsten Hoever Investigation of stress-distribution in a car tyre with regards to rolling resistance. (Abstract, Slides)
  • Tor Kihlman International Noise Policy - A new initiative to reach the policy makers. (Slides)
  • Oliver Jung Speech Communication inside Vehicles. (Abstract)
  • Maarten Hornikx Modelling sound radiation from a pipe with flow using Discontinuous Galerkin and Pseudospectral Time Domain methods. (Abstract, Slides, Movie Exhaust Pipe)
  • Docent Lecture Patrik Andersson Challenges of Tomorrow in Vehicle Acoustics and Road Traffic Noise. (Abstract, Slides)

Spring 2010:

  • Carsten Hoever Application of ultrasonic guided waves for the non-destructive testing of plates. (Abstract, Slides and Movies)
  • Julia Winroth Implementation of adhesion and non-linear contact stiffness in a numerical model for detailed dynamical tyre/road contact. (Abstract, Slides)
  • Wolfgang Kropp Traffic noise and tyre modelling - progress and challenges. (Abstract, Slides)
  • Patrik Andersson Intensity potential approach for modeling high frequency sound fields. (Abstract, Slides, Animations)
  • Pontus Thorsson Practical building acoustics.
  • Carsten Hoever Active Structural Control of Impacts with a View Towards Noise Control. (Abstract, Slides)
  • Jonas Svensson Hybrid active-passive control of structures using piezoelectric transducers. (Abstract, Slides)