Welcome meeting for all new students

posted 2016-08-26

Monday 29th of August, 9:30 / All students (including Erasmus students) starting our MSc programme Sound and Vibration are invited to a welcome meeting in the lecture hall at Applied Acoustics, Sven Hultins gata 8a. We will give a brief intro to the programme, a guided tour through the division, as well as invite you to a light lunch in our coffee room.

Master's Programme in Sound and Vibration

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Urban Sound Planning

Our booklet on Urban Sound Planning is now available.

The report is issued inside the SONORUS project

SEAlab freeware

Applied Acoustics has released an open source code for Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) that is implemented in Matlab. Read more:

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EC project SONORUS

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Quieter Cities of the Future

Report and Source book are now available.

The report is issued by the CAETS Noise

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Seminar series

posted 2016-08-26

We are happy to announce that on 27 October at 10:00 Alice Hoffmann will have her PhD defense on. More details soon.