Application and Admission

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If you want to apply for our programme you should first consult Chalmers' information pages for master programmes. Many rules and requirements hold for all international master's programmes at Chalmers:

Chalmers General Masters Info

There you will also find information on tuition fees for students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

It is very important that you study this page and make sure that your application contains all documents required. These papers are the minimum that allows us to see, if you are well enough prepared to study in our programme. We want to make sure that the students in our courses enjoy the learning - both sides should have a pleasant time and for that it is important that you have a good knowledge in basic sciences like maths and physics as well as a good proficiency in English and the necessary enthusiasm.

There you will also find the information that applicants presently enrolled in studies (with no possibility of enclosing a graduation diploma or equivalent document) must provide an official university certificate stating that the applicant is expected to complete the Bachelor of Science/Engineering degree (honours), or the equivalent, at the end of spring term before the start of the programme.

There is a common application procedure for Sweden through However we realised that it might be sometimes difficult to find our programme. Use therefore the search function and search for Sound and Vibration or for the application code CTH-40009.

If the above pages do not answer your specific question(s) you are welcome to contact us by e-mail.

Sending Documents

Do not send the applications to our division. Please instead follow the instruction given on the Chalmners' web page.

You will be informed about the arrival of your documents. However, it may take some time - please have some patience before asking us. We will do our best to inform you as soon as possible once we received the documents.


Every year we receive questions about financial support. Please note that our division itself does not have any scholarships. You may however apply for one of the (few) scholarships given to Chalmers.