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Knowledge in acoustics is essential to promote the creation of positive environments, both indoors and outdoors. Rooms need to have proper acoustic conditions for speakers, musicians and listeners. Living and working environments are required which are free from harmful noise and vibrations. The success of products often depend strongly on their sound and vibration quality. The reduction of noise due to traffic is an essential question for a sustainable development of transport systems.

This requires that engineers concerned with the development of products or with the planning of our society have sufficient insight in the field of acoustics to promote during the daily work the positive effects of sound and to abate the negative effects of sound. Therefore a part of the teaching activities concerns the undergraduate education where we contribute to the education in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and engineering physics.

To ensure a sustainable development with respect to noise requires specialists in the field of sound and vibration. An international master's programme in Sound and Vibration was started in 1998 with the aim of graduating students knowledgeable in a wide range of issues in acoustics and vibration.

The division of Applied Acoustics aims at a high pedagogic profile documented by its work in the form of pedagogic projects and publications pedagogic topics.

Undergraduate Courses

Active Noise Control (IMP)

Course code: VTA130


Audio Technology and Acoustics (IMP)

Course code: VTA135


Building Acoustics and Community Noise(IMP)

Course code: VTA125


Design of Silent Products (IMP)

Course code: VTA155


Electroacoustics (IMP)

Course code: VTA140


Human Response to Sound and Vibration (IMP)

Course code: VTA160


Individual Preparation Course (IMP)

Course code: VTA151


Introduction to Sound and Vibration (IMP)

Course code: VTA121


Materie- och Vågteori

Course code: FFY371


Room Acoustics (IMP)

Course code: VTA145


Sound and Vibration Measurements (IMP)

Course code: VTA073


Technical Acoustics I (IMP)

Course code: VTA081


Technical Acoustics II (IMP)

Course code: VTA091